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In Istanbul, unfortunately, it is hard to buy pork from supermarkets. Prices are very high and products are average. Pork Istanbul If you are looking for quality pork meat, Isthambul.com is a good option for you as they deliver a wide range of great pork products directly to your door.

pork istanbul
Isthambul: Pork istanbul

Where can I find pork meat in Istanbul?

Pork shop istanbul
Isthambul delivers to all over Istanbul with moto courier from Monday to Saturday.

If you ordered outside of Istanbul (from Ankara or any other city), you are entirely responsible for tracking your order. The day after you receive your order tracking code from us, you should call the cargo company branch and check whether your order can be delivered. If necessary, you should go and get your package yourself from the cargo branch. If for some reason your order is delayed and the products have defrosted, never refreeze. Keep them in the fridge and consume them within 48 hours. You can also put them back in freezer after cooking.

If you haven’t ordered frozen products, you should not have any problems for up to 48 hours.

Pork istanbul deliver to your door!

Isthambul has three different delivery options for Istanbul:

1- Same Day Delivery (If you order before 11:00 am and they deliver the same day. Deliveries on Monday to Saturday) The price varies depending on your district.
If the order is made before 11 am then the order will be delivered the same day. If it is made after 11 am the order will be delivered the following day. (Except on Sunday)

2- Delivery within 3 days:
If you choose “Delivery within 3 days”, they will deliver your order to your address within 3 days. If they have other orders in your area (in Istanbul), they deliver your order on the same day, or on the 2nd or 3rd day.

pork istanbul
Pork istanbul

3-Cargo for districts in greater Istanbul
Istanbul European side: Silivri, Çatalca, Arnavutköy, Büyükçekmece
Istanbul Asian side: Pendik, Tuzla, Şile.
Isthambul has cheaper delivery options for the above districts when you select delivery via cargo. Orders sent Monday to Thursday via Yurtici Kargo.

Isthambul is currently delivering fresh meat door-to-door with a motorcycle courier in Istanbul.

They use ice blocks in their delivery boxes. They also keep all delivery boxes in Icebox. Your order is delivered to your address in 2-3 hours by their courier so will not defrost before it is delivered to you.