Turkish Bath

Bathing in a hammam was not only a hygienic issue but also a ritual that began the day before, including special meals. And, although these customs are not maintained, the hamam is still an icon of Turkey. During your visit to the country, you cannot miss experience in an authentic Turkish bath. Below, we explain everything about the best Turkish baths in Istanbul.

Traveling to Istanbul and not enjoying a relaxing Turkish bath is leaving your trip incomplete. It is a highly recommended activity and carried out by tourists visiting the city. There the Turkish baths are called Hamams and combine four basic elements: dry heat, moist heat, cold and massage that stimulate and improve body health.

There are several scattered around the city but the most famous are:

Cemberlitas Turkish bath
The most recommended and famous in Istanbul is the Cemberlitas, which is located in Yeniceriler Caddesi, very close to the Grand Bazaar. Open every day from 6 to 24 hours. It has very professional people and has a section for men and another for women, hence the schedule is the same for both sexes. The service includes a relaxing period on a hot marble base in the center of the sauna and a massage session with soap. When your session ends you will feel like new, it is time to drink water, have a Turkish tea and enjoy the city with renewed energy.

The price varies depending on what we hire. For example, entering the Turkish bath to enjoy its rooms with heat, cold, water jets … etc, without massage usually costs around 20 euros, while a full Turkish bath costs around 60 euros and includes a foam bath of about 15 minutes, a peeling and oil massage of about 30 minutes.
There is no limited time to be in the Hamams, although it is advised that it does not last more than an hour since it is sufficient time to regenerate the skin of the body.

See photos of the interior of the Cemberlitas Hamami.

Turkish bath Cagaloglu
Another well-known Turkish bath in Istanbul is the Cagaloglu, in the old part of the city, in Yerebatan Caddesi, next to Hagia Sophia, and is one of the most visited by tourists as it is the only one in addition to the typical services of Hamam It has a bar-restaurant and the possibility of accepting the dances proposed by slender young girls.